AWS CodePipeline

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AWS CodePipeline

AWS CodePipeline is a tool that helps people who write computer programs make their work easier. It’s like a helpful robot that does a lot of the difficult and time-consuming tasks in the process of getting a new software program ready for people to use.

AWS Codepipeline

Here’s how it works:

Automation: CodePipeline can create a set of tasks that happen automatically. These tasks include taking the code you wrote, checking if it’s okay, and then putting it in the right place so that people can use it. This saves a lot of time because you don’t have to do these tasks by hand.

Working with Other Tools: It can also work with other tools from Amazon and even tools from other companies. This means you can use it in different ways and with different software tools that you like.

Visual Feedback: CodePipeline shows you a picture of what’s happening. It’s like having a map of all the steps, so you can see if something is taking too long or if there’s a problem. This helps you make sure everything is going smoothly.

Security: It keeps things safe by making sure that only the right people can make changes or use the robot. This way, your work stays protected and secure.

Example: if you’re making a website, AWS CodePipeline can be set up to do many things automatically. When you make changes to your website’s code, it will automatically check if everything is okay, and if it is, it will put the updated website on a server. This happens without you having to do all of these steps yourself, which makes the process faster and reduces the chance of mistakes. It’s like having a helpful assistant for your software work.

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