Artificial Intelligence in NDT

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1. Image Enhancement and Denoising:

⦁ In NDT, like inspecting welds or structures, we often rely on images or scans. But these images can get distorted by various factors, creating noise.
⦁ Noise can be like having some parts of the image look fuzzy or completely black and white, making it hard to spot defects.
⦁ Traditional methods use fixed filters to clean up these images, but they treat the whole image the same way, which can reduce image quality.
⦁ AI algorithms are like super-smart filters. They can look at small parts of the image, figure out what’s wrong, and fix it.
⦁ These AI filters can be super helpful, not just in NDT but also in photography to make pictures look better.

2. Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR):

⦁ Besides cleaning up images, AI can also spot defects in the images automatically.
⦁ Think of it like a robot that can look at an image and say, “Hey, there’s a problem here!”
⦁ AI can be trained to do this by showing it lots of pictures with defects and teaching it to recognize them.
⦁ There are different ways AI can help: it can either say “there’s a problem” or even draw a box around the issue to highlight it.
⦁ This is super useful because it helps inspectors find problems faster and without getting tired.

3. How AI Helps NDT:

⦁ AI is like the superhero of NDT, making inspections better and more reliable.
⦁ It’s not just about spotting defects; AI can help with all sorts of tests like checking for corrosion or making sure structures are safe.
⦁ It can also help with things like predicting when equipment needs maintenance, so things don’t break unexpectedly.
⦁ AI can handle lots of complex data and images, making inspections much more efficient.

4. NDT 4.0:

⦁ NDT 4.0 is like the next level of Non-Destructive Testing, thanks to AI.
⦁ It’s all about using AI to make inspections in different industries safer, more reliable, and faster.
⦁ AI is transforming how NDT is done, from finding defects to analyzing signals and images.
⦁ With AI on our side, we’re entering a new era of NDT that’s smarter and more effective.

In a nutshell, AI is like a super-smart helper for NDT, making inspections better, faster, and more reliable. It can clean up images and even find defects automatically, making the whole process much smoother. Thanks to AI, NDT is evolving into a more advanced and efficient practice, ensuring safety and reliability in various industries.

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