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Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming platform, is introducing a new feature that sets it apart from other cloud gaming services. While most cloud gaming platforms require a subscription and access to a library of games, Luna now allows players to buy select games.

Traditionally, cloud gaming platforms like Xbox Game Pass offer a range of games you can play through a subscription, but you don’t actually own them. On the other hand, services like GeForce Now allow you to access games you’ve already purchased on your PC.

Amazon Luna is taking a unique approach by letting players purchase select Ubisoft games. When you buy a game through Luna, you’re not just buying it for the platform; you’re getting a license tied to your Ubisoft account. This means you can also play the game on your PC and even on GeForce Now.

This approach has several advantages for players. If Amazon Luna were to ever shut down, you’d still have access to your purchased games through other means. Additionally, it provides the option for offline play.

For now, this option is limited to Ubisoft titles, but it’s an interesting move that might prompt other game publishers to adopt a similar approach. It offers players more flexibility and security in owning and playing their games in an evolving world of cloud gaming.

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