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Corporations use advanced software to keep tabs on their employees. Experts fear that this extensive data collection could be a stepping stone, a way to train AI to replace human roles in the workforce.

People are noticing that AI is silently learning from our everyday tasks and interactions at work. Enter corporate spyware, an unnoticeable training ground for AI. As employers monitor their workforce, the extensive data being gathered turns into a goldmine for training AI.

Companies are not just observing employees but also making them frequently interact with AI tools. This interaction provides invaluable data and insights, contributing to the creation and refinement of AI models that could eventually replicate and replace human roles.

Some jobs might morph into something new, integrating more AI tools to make tasks easier and more efficient. On the flip side, other jobs, especially those that are repetitive and data-heavy, might just fade away and be replaced by advanced AI systems.

There’s a concern that as AI takes on more responsibilities, folks might find themselves nudged out, forced to look for other roles or adapt to the changing tide by being forced to learn new skills embracing the AI transformation.

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