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The BBC, one of the UK’s largest news organizations, has set some clear rules for using generative AI, a type of artificial intelligence, in its work. They believe that AI can be helpful in delivering more value to their audiences and society. They have three important principles they will follow.

First, they will always act in the public’s best interests. This means that everything they do with AI should benefit the people who watch or read the news.
Second, they will respect the rights of artists and make sure AI doesn’t take away from the creativity of real people.
Third, they will be open and honest about how they use AI. This means they will tell everyone when AI is helping to create the news.

The BBC will work with tech companies, other media organizations, and regulators to make sure AI is used safely and that people can trust the news. They are going to start some projects in the coming months to see how AI can be used in their work. These projects will look at different areas, like making news stories, finding old news, and personalizing the news for different people.

The BBC did something else interesting. They stopped web robots (called web crawlers) from looking at their websites. They did this to protect their news from being used without permission to train AI. They want to make sure their news is used in the right way. Other news organizations, like The Associated Press, have also made rules for using AI.

In a world where AI is becoming more important in making news, the BBC is taking steps to make sure it’s used wisely and for the benefit of the public.

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